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Additive Technologies for Microelectronics

Tuesday April 27, 2021

Additive Technologies for Microelectronics


Dear Colleagues and IMAPS Members,

as announced at the beginning of this year by the European Liaison Council (ELC), I’m glad to introduce to you the first seminar taking place on the IMAPS Europe Platform dedicated to host chapters’ virtual conferences and webinars. This Platform is intended to be a quickly ready, easy to access, flexible tool to support multiple events during the year and is an efficient means to spread technology information among our community.

This first seminar, organized by the IMAPS Italy Chapter with strong contributions from the German Chapter is dedicated to “Additive Technologies for Microelectronics”.

Additive Manufacturing, defined as a process of joining materials to make 3D structures and objects, is experiencing a significant growth and is moving from the R&D and prototyping phase to manufacturing. However, it encompasses numerous different technologies and approaches that offer distinct processes regarding the fabrication of microelectronics devices. To all this is added an impressive evolution due to the continuous innovations of machinery and materials.

For this reason, the aim of the seminar is to take stock of the situation by helping to understand and compare some of the current technological options and to evaluate their potential for production purposes. The technologies illustrated in the presentations will highlight the point of view of advanced Research Centers and the application experiences and road maps of some equipment makers and users.

This seminar is therefore an opportunity not to be missed to keep up with the progress of technological innovation that will not fail to surprise us in the immediate future.

We look forward to meeting you online on the IMAPS European Platform on April 27 at 2 pm. !

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